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As if you were there

Gender: Drama.

Synopsis: Some friends who went to high school together in the 80s meet again 25 years later at the funeral of one of them. From there the gang regains contact and we delve into the different aspects of their daily lives.

Project for feature film


Gender: Thriller/Horror/Drama.

Synopsis: Urrea, a remote town deep in the Caribbean jungle, is running out of young people to guarantee its posterity. The few old people who live there will be the ones in charge of doing what they can to fill the town with young people again and they will do everything so that the town lasts.

In pre-production. Filming in February/March 2024.

With the support of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.

A production between Puerto Rico and Spain.

Roger Delmont - Roots
Roger Delmont - APM
television program


Outdoor director and scriptwriter of the audience-leading program “APM?” from Tv3 in one of its seasons.

Short film


Training short film for the ICAB written and directed by Roger Delmont. 2017.

Roger Delmont - Bully
Roger Delmont - Bully
TV series

Chopped pear

The first Televisió de Catalunya series produced for mobile phones “A Pera Picada” was a mobile series with its own plot that consisted of 13 episodes of approximately 3 minutes in length. The series could be seen in two different ways on mobile.


Created, written and directed by Roger Delmont.

Chopped Pear
Roger Delmont - tv3


Everyday situations that are tense to the limit, losses, reunions and new losses, dialogues that little by little enslave the characters themselves, wrapping them in a fine spider web, which, fatally and almost involuntarily, they themselves weave to, finally, being trapped in their own threads of sea that lead them to destruction... 
(From the prologue by Jordi Dauder).
Roger Delmont - Ignominy
Roger Delmont - Trilogy
Theater play

Solitude Trilogy

SGAE Award for Theatrical Texts from the Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia.

Roger Delmont - The key to happiness
Project for feature film

The happiness' key

Gender: Romantic comedy.

Feature film project “The Key to Happiness” is still in development. It was born from a short film of the same title (written and directed by Roger Delmont) which later became the script for a feature film.



Webserie Despechados is a fiction series where stories of heartbreak are told. The format is in complicity with the camera, some characters with broken hearts vent by telling the YouTube community about their personal dramas.

The series has more than 13k views. It was chosen to appear on pages such as La Caja Tonto in its web series section, among others.

Created, written and directed by Roger Delmont.

Roger Delmont - Dismissed
Roger Delmont - Bale

Spots Honey from San Francisco Farm

“Paca, the bee that advises” is an advertising campaign by Miel de la Granja San Francisco that consists of 13 advertising spots. Designed and made by Roger Delmont for The Movie Thing.

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