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Roger Delmont - kintsukuroi


Sitges Pitchbox Interviews: Roger Delmont.

Roger Delmont - Third Place

For a cloud, awarded

My script “POR UNA NUBE” has been awarded at the prestigious Cannes Screenplay Contest.

Roger Delmont

For a cloud, special mention

For a Cloud gets a special mention in 5th Pitchbox, among other recognitions. In this interview he tells us more about the project.

Roger Delmont - Oaxaca filmfest

Kintsukuroi, on the official selection

My script is on the official selection of the Oaxaca Film Fest. “Kintsukuroi” is a finalist and competes as the best whimsical screenplay and also as the best international script 2019.

Roger Delmont - GAC

Kintsukuroi, selected project

My script Kintsukuroi (with T pot please) is once again selected for an industry pitch. The first was at the SGAE headquarters hand in hand

Roger Delmont - I+P

My cloud, selected project

My project POR UNA NUBE is one of the projects selected for this year's contest “I+P ideas to produce”.

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