Spurna Creativa

My audiovisual production company

Spurna Creativa

Spurna Creativa is an audiovisual film and television production company, based in Barcelona, created with the purpose of telling relevant and inspiring stories.

As his first project, Spurna will begin co-producing the feature film “Raíces” in co-production with Studio Creativo. “Raíces” will be raised as an international co-production with the support of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.

Project for feature film


Gender: Thriller/Horror/Drama.

Synopsis: Urrea, a remote town deep in the Caribbean jungle, is running out of young people to guarantee its posterity. The few old people who live there will be the ones in charge of doing what they can to fill the town with young people again and they will do everything so that the town lasts.

In pre-production. Filming in February/March 2024.

With the support of the Puerto Rico Film Commission.

A production between Puerto Rico and Spain.

Roger Delmont - Roots
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